At the end of a technological baccalaureate, completed at the Paul Augier hotel school, in Nice; it is with conviction that she moves towards learning focused on the practice of pastry. It was therefore in 2011, at the Gorges de Pennafort, a famous Michelin-starred establishment on the Côte d'Azur, that she learned the demanding workings of pastry making, via work-study training. As soon as she obtained her diploma, Oriane began her world tour of pastry. She will begin making a stopover in Switzerland, in a star-studded palace on the banks of Lake Geneva. Then a visit that she considers essential to Paris, in the famous Café Pouchkine house; where she learned about the practice of artistic sugaring and the importance of details to make each cake a piece of goldwork. But the quest for human adventures and learning new techniques took him to Canada, London and French Polynesia.

On Tetiaroa, Marlon Brando's private island, Oriane is committed to providing a unique experience for each customer, by offering them tailor-made desserts. The high standards and reputation of the establishment prove to be an asset for experimenting with pastry in all its forms. Building on this island experience, she moved to New Zealand to satisfy her desire to learn about each culture and discovered the art of the “American-style” wedding cake. Bali, Vietnam and Saint Barthélémy were the following destinations to feed his thirst for discovery, meetings and professional exchanges. His appetite for nature, design and craftsmanship offers him an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Her artistic talent leads her to want to create real jewelry with chocolate material. She herself will tell you the story that gave birth to Effigy.


Originally from the Toulouse region, Max is passionate about gastronomy and driven by curiosity. As a teenager, he moved towards a hotel course, specializing in commercial arguments and tableware. He therefore directs his professional career abroad, in order to satisfy his passion for travel and discovery. Being very reserved by nature, he nevertheless discovered a real enthusiasm for high-end service. After 4 years of apprenticeship in a hotel school, including experience with Alain Ducasse, he decided to continue his career in a starred establishment in London. Ambitious, he seized the opportunity to work with Jean Sulpice, an experience revealing a world of elegance and naturalness. With his English-speaking experience, he chose Australia and then the United States as his next professional step.

It was in the “Merivale” group and the “Quay” restaurant, world-renowned establishments, that he honed his vision of detail. He subsequently joined the Disney group in order to broaden his customer relations skills and acquire high-end American standards. The experience of serving an eclectic and demanding clientele on a luxury cruise will prove very educational. It was in the idyllic settings of the Caribbean, Courchevel and the Côte d'Azur that he discovered the profession of butler, where management, perfection and flexibility are the watchwords. His passion for high-end service and human adventures intensify throughout his career. Maxime then trained in 3D modeling, the digital aspect of a company and the marketing of chocolate boxes.


Our mission

Effigie's mission is to offer a range of customizable chocolates. We want to value each customer at their true value with exceptional chocolates. To do this, we offer various tailor-made offers for businesses and individuals. When our customers offer an Effigy box to their partner, employee or client, they promote their company with the values ​​that associate them.

Our vision

We want to offer a very high quality chocolate, due to its appearance comparable to a jewel, its fine and delicate aromas thanks to the premium ingredients used and finally thanks to elegant and refined packaging. We offer a chocolate that directly appeals to our customers with its brilliant and artistic appearance. It’s a product that we want to be very attractive so that our customers are happy and proud to offer it.

Like a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of champagne, it is a medium that brings value to the recipient of the box. We work with local and seasonal products, and in accordance with the requirements given by our customers; so candy collections may vary during exercise. We personalize our chocolates via a 3D modeling process, a product which is then thermoformed, molded into chocolate and then garnished. We have several box offers to meet various profiles and needs.

Our values

Effigie is the sum of several guidelines which lead us towards values ​​which constitute the foundations of our company:


    Both Oriane and Maxime have worked in high-end hotels around the world. It is undeniably thanks to this international journey, as exciting as it is demanding, that we want to offer a unique and surprising experience to our customers.
    Each production process requires precision and agility, as well as great attention to detail in order to obtain a consistent and remarkable product.


    Whether it is in our brand or in our attitudes, audacity is an integral part of our personalities and therefore a key value of Effigie.
    Our unique vision of the material automatically distinguishes us from our fellow chocolatiers; We aspire more to be creators who use the material chocolate and technology, mixed with inspirations from art and nature.


    Our commitment to producing beauty with goodness is much more than a sales argument. It’s a real conviction. A real awareness that our heritage is rich in excellent quality raw materials, courageous and involved producers, ancestral know-how and multiple ingenuity.

    We have opted for a range of organic and fair trade chocolate, which guarantees a quality product as well as respectful working and salary conditions for the harvesters.


    Make happy. This is the reason why we chose this life in high-end hotels and this continuity of quality with Effigie.
    We are convinced that offering a pleasant, sincere and true moment makes the Effigie experience unique and thus builds the loyalty of our customers eager for authentic and refined pleasure.